Why I Am So Grateful For Grandparents

How brilliant are grandparents? I have always known how lucky I am to have such a close family but it wasn’t until I was pregnant and then had Amelia that I realised how lucky I was and how amazing it is to have grandparents around.

My parents live really close by and whilst my in laws live a few hours away, we try to see them as much as we can and make sure we are always sending photos and videos of Amelia to them. She knows both sets of grandparents so well and I find it funny that she isn’t confused that she two granddads or ‘Ga Ga’ as she calls them. To her they are both just ‘Ga Ga’.

I remember when we told them all we were having a baby. We had suffered a miscarriage a few months before so it had been a rocky start for us. They had all been amazing during that time and whilst I know they hoped it would happen again for us soon they were all really sensitive around the subject.

I remember when we told my in laws our news, one of the first things my mother in-law  said was about knitting. They had recently found out that they would be expecting another grandchild later on in the year and I remember one the first things she said was that she was going to have a busy few months. She must have got straight on with it because nine months later we had some beautiful knitted cardigans and a gorgeous knitted blanket.

My parents were equally excited. I remember my mum being quite emotional but so happy after what had happened before.  My sister was also pregnant at the time so she now had two of us to think about for the next few months. I don’t think she really fully relaxed until I spoke to her the morning Amelia was born! She was so happy when she came to visit us in the hospital and I could just see joy and relief that she was here safe and sound.

The support both parents have provided us with has been immense. From the day Amelia was born they have just been there to offer support, childcare when we have needed it and just general reassurance during those moments of uncertainty as a new parent.

Grandparents just get it and nothing seems to phase them. They have been there and done it and know exactly what we are going through. People say that parenting is different from what it was ‘back in the day’ and of course some things change. My mum always talks about the different gadgets that are available now that they just managed without back then. But essentially it is the same. There are still the same issues with sleeping, eating, tantrums.

They have seen it all and because they have seen it all they make the best people to give advice. Listening to my mum and dad makes me feel 100% better and more reassured than any baby or toddler book.

Grandparents aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Despite having done it all before it’s like they see being a grandparent as round two and they are totally up for it. When I went back to work my Mum and Dad were both so kind to offer us a day of childcare per week. This has helped us out so much and I love the fact that Amelia gets a mix of childcare and then some family time.

She has had some great times with them and I love to hear all about her adventures with them.

My dad is a new man since having grandchildren. Now he is semi retired he will work his week around them and making sure he can spend as much time with them as possible. I love this and Amelia absolutely loves spending time with ‘Ga Ga’.

I love the way they love every grandchild unconditionally. There is no competition (despite our jokes about favorites). They are all treated equally and there is so much love to share around.

We owe both sets of grandparents so much and we are eternally grateful for the love and support they provide us with every day.


One thought on “Why I Am So Grateful For Grandparents

  1. I know I feel the same, and I couldn’t be without them. And even though they have done it all before with us when we were younger this will happily do it again. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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