To the girl who changed everything: on your second birthday

Dear Amelia

Here I am looking back at another year as your mummy. It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was sat here thinking how I couldn’t believe that my little baby was about to turn one. Now I am here another year later wondering how my baby is now about to turn two!

This year has been quicker than any other. You are no longer a baby but a fully fledged toddler with a big personality. You make me laugh every day with your huge energy and infectious laugh. You are becoming so affectionate and I love it when you sit and have a cuddle before bed. I have loved seeing you grow more and more independent this year.

It’s so lovely to just sit back and watch you sometimes as you work things out. I can see your little brain going to work when you are playing and nothing makes me happier. You are learning so much every day and you take in everything going on around you. You have eyes like a hawk and there is defiantly nothing wrong with your hearing.

One of your favourite things are planes and you can hear them before us every time! Before we have even heard it you are pointing to the sky shouting ‘plane’!

You started this year cruising from one end of the room to another, giving us exciting hope on when you would take those first steps. You now run so fast sometimes that I often wonder if you will stop before you run into the nearest door or wall. Somehow you have a brilliant braking system and you always seem to make it.

You have hair! I think we are a little while off being pigtail ready but after rocking the Phil Mitchell look for quite a while you now have some very blonde locks which I love to play with without you noticing.

You have made me so proud this past year the way you have settled into your days at the childminder. You never really struggled but there were a few odd mornings when I had to leave so quickly so you didn’t get upset. You now literally run from the car to the front door when we arrive and can’t wait to go and play with the other children. I barely get a look in before I leave you to go to work.

I love our extra days together at the end of the week. I love the little things that we get up to. You are really enjoy swimming now although you still aren’t a fan of being on your back. I sometimes dread that part of the lesson but hopefully in the next few months you will start to enjoy that a bit more. You finally learnt to kick your legs over the summer and learnt that this will get you moving in the pool.

This autumn you got on your balance bike properly. You had been on it around the house with daddy pushing you but your first trip outside was very exciting for us all and you loved it. I could tell Daddy was happy to have a happy budding cyclist!

I love your energy and love how you love to dance around with me at silly things. Our favourite dance together I think is probably from Cbeebies ‘Let’s Play’. We are both so excited for the ‘Let it be me’ dance’! Who knows what anybody walking past thinks is going on.

I love our family time, whether that is with just me you and Daddy or with your cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents. We are so lucky to have a close family and even luckier that they are so close by too. This past year I have seen you spend lots time with all of your cousins on holiday and days out. I really look forward to you growing up with them. You are learning about sharing at the moment which is interesting to say the least. Everything is ‘mine’ so we are working on teaching you that whilst it might be yours it is also nice to let other people have a go (including Daddy!).

I am so excited to share our birthday for the second time. I have always loved celebrating my birthday in December but now I get the bonus of sharing it with you. I have officially renamed it ‘The Birthday’. Double celebrations for us! You are becoming a lot more aware of things now so I can’t wait to see your face on your birthday and Christmas morning. This year we will be celebrating with all of the family and I really can’t wait.

Who knows what the next year will bring. I suspect it will be a big year of change. From cot to big bed, nappies to no nappies and your voice is only go to get bigger. I can see that you will be becoming more and more independent and will just want to do much more on your own. I look forward to seeing what this time brings but as everybody says I am going to enjoy and make the most of every part of it.

Have a lovely second birthday

Love Mummy xxx

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