An ordinary family weekend: Getting outdoors

Over the past few weeks we have had some busy weekends. It is lovely to have things to do and places and people to see but sometimes it is just really lovely to be at home for the weekend. Just the three of us doing things close to home with no real plans.

This time of year is always busy for us with lots of birthdays and family get together’s. It feels like most of our family and friends birthdays are in the few months leading up to Christmas, so no sooner have we got all the birthdays done we are thinking about Christmas. I can’t complain though being a December birthday myself and having a December baby but it defiantly is our busiest time of year.

Because we know we have some busy weekends coming up soon, last weekend was an opportunity to have what I felt was an ordinary family weekend. One where we didn’t need to travel anywhere and could just have a few local walks close by to where we live.

I love this time of year and I am especially loving the fact that Amelia can wear her wellies. We wear them everywhere now. It is so much easier and means she can get them as dirty as she likes. Although it is quite amusing when she does get mud on them and immediately says ‘Oh no!’ (I sense her tidy side may come from her Daddy).


We are lucky where we live to have some great walks and greenery only a few minutes away. It is sometimes just nice to wander somewhere rather than having to get in the car and travel somewhere. She loves running about so to give her the opportunity just to walk somewhere is the dream.


There is a river that runs at the bottom of where we live and if we are lucky we can spot some ducks and swans passing by. Unfortunately we didn’t see any ducks this weekend but Amelia loved splashing about the edge and skimming stones with Daddy.

We got lucky on this day and it was a day when the cows were down on the bottom part of the field. They were quite close to the pathway happily grazing on the grass. Amelia wasn’t bothered by them being so close and when they did get a little close she just continued to chat and point at them. I admit I was the wimp and I decided to take some camera action from more of a distance still with a smile on my face to appear to at least look brave!


I love getting out and about with Amelia and I love to see her excitement when she has a big empty space to run around in. I can sense how excited she is to be able to run off on her own and explore and that just makes me happy. Getting outside like this for walks is something we defiantly do much more than before we had her and I love that we do it now. That little bit of fresh air defiantly lifts the cob webs and I always  feel better for it.

When you have children you are kind of forced to get out and about. A lazy day indoors can happen on the odd occasion but it is in no way like it was pre- children. Whilst Amelia is good at playing indoors and will happily potter from toy to toy, as soon as we say we are heading out she is straight for the door and ready to go.  I often see people walking dogs when we are out and toddlers are really not much different. They just want to be fed, watered, loved and run around.


Our plans for the future are to move to a house with a garden. Living in a flat has suited us up until now but outdoor space is what we need. I can’t wait to have that space for her to run around in and explore. For now we will take the great outdoors and what it has to offer us, right on our doorstep.


‘Oh no!’


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2 thoughts on “An ordinary family weekend: Getting outdoors

  1. Such a cute pair of wellies! I love them. We really enjoy getting outdoors too and so so pretty much every day. I always find my kids are more tired out after a good dose of fresh air! Thanks so much for sharing with #fortheloveofBLOG


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